Twinkly Lights - Bob's Burgers

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Add some crazy color to your display and WOW your audience.

Is it Jazz, Pop or a new genre all of it's own? You tell me. I guess the best way to describe this song is "Catchy"! Your viewers will love it.

The sequence includes the following models:

32x75 Megatree, 16x50 Megatree, Megatree Stars, Mini Trees, Mini Tree Stars, Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches, Medium Arches, Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline, Peace Stakes, PPE Geowreath, Boscoyo Ice Queens, Boscoyo LLS 46" Flakes, 24" snowflakes, GE Rosa Wreaths, Pixel Poles, Candy Canes, Singing Elements with 4 Lyric Timings

The MP3 is not included with this song but can be purchased HERE