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Welcome to Pixel Perfect Sequences

This is where you'll find some of the most stunning Xlights sequences available.

All props for each sequence will be listed in the sequence description. Have a prop that you don't see listed? No problem, many props can be mapped to completely different props and still look great. This is what gives a unique look to our displays.

Please note that you are purchasing the service for us to create the sequences you are purchasing. We do not own the rights to any of the music or media in our sequences, so MP3's for our sequences will not be included in the download. A link for the MP3 will be provided in the sequence description. Please be sure you own the appropriate files for the sequence you are purchasing.

Please be sure to visit our page regularly and follow us on Facebook as we plan to add at least 1 to 2 sequences per month. You can also email us with requests so we know what our customers are looking for.

Pixel Perfect Sequences Moving Head Channels

Most sequences that include moving heads also have this list in the Mapping chart pdf file that is in the zip folder of the sequence.

2024 Christmas Layout Prop List

Peace Stakes - 50 peace stakes used set up as individual single strands 5 pixels

Candy Canes - 6 Boscoyo Studios Chromocane 99's

Presents - 4 Gilbert Engineering 28” Presents

EFL NSR 7' Candy Canes - 2 EFL Designs LG NSR Candy Canes

Fan Arches - 2 EFL Fans

Triple Arches - 4 Gilbert Engineering Arches 6 Feet Triple Row

All Medium Arches - 4 Single Row Arches (not vendor specific)

All Small Arches - 4 Single Row Arches (not vendor specific)

Spinners (Baby Grand Illusions) - 2 Gilbert Engineering Baby Grand Illusions

Ice Queen Snowflakes - 2 Boscoyo Ice Queen Flakes

Rosa Wreaths - 2 Gilbert Engineering Rosa Wreaths

PPD Geowreaths - 1 Boscoyo PPD Geowreath

Flood Lights - 4 Flood lights (not vendor specific)

Showstopper Snowflakes - 2 EFL Designs Showstopper Snowflakes

Showstopper Spinners - 2 EFL Designs Showstopper Spinners

Mini Trees - 8 Boscoyo Studios Large 180 Mini Trees

Roofline - Multiple Rooflines/Eave Lines (not vendor specific)

Verticals - 7 Verticals (not vendor specific)

Yard Outline - 4 Yard Outlines (not vendor specific)

Icicles - Icicles set up with 7 Pixels each (not vendor specific)

Moving Head Spotlights - 4 or 8 Outdoor Rated Moving Head Spotlights Depending on Sequence


2 Gilbert Engineering Flake H2

2 Gilbert Engineering Flake J

4 Boscoyo Studios 24” Chromaflake 3 Prong2

2 EFL Designs 24EFLakes

Pixel Poles - 2 Gilbert Engineering Poor Mans Pixel Poles 600 Pixel version

Mega Tree 16 x 5016 Strand by 50 Pixels per Strand Mega Tree (not vendor specific)

Mega Tree 32 x 7532 Strand by 75 Pixels per Strand Mega Tree (not vendor specific)

Matrix48” x 96” Pixel Matrix with 1” Pixel Spacing (not vendor specific)

Mega Tree 32 x 75 Star (32x75 tree use) - Boscoyo Studio 46” Star 270 Node Version

Mega Tree Star 1 (16x50 tree use) - Boscoyo Studio Chromastar 23” 1 Ring

Mini Tree Stars - 8 Boscoyo Studios 12” 20 Node Stars

Singing Props - 4 Boscoyo Studio Chromacharacter Christmas Trees (Discontinued)