Toccata and Fugue Halloween Style – Tron Sepia Remix

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Nothing says Creepy Halloween Show like some Johann Sebastian Bach 
Toccata and Fugue interlaced with some heavy dubstep drops.
But once you mix in some sound bytes from the original Halloween movie,
you have reached the pinnacle of creepiness. Your show just won't be
complete without this one in your playlist.

The sequence includes the following models:

GE and Boscoyo Spiders, Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches,
Medium Arches, Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline,
RIP Stones, Crosses, Pixel Poles, Fan Arches, Flood Lights, Rosa Wreaths,
Peace Stakes, Baby Grand Illusions and Moving Head Spotlights
(Moving Head version only) and Singing Elements with 4 Lyric Timings

NOTE: The MP3 for this song will be included but we encourage you to visit
the site that originally did the remix and support them by downloading that