Titanium - David Guetta ft Sia Christmas Layout

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If you want to add intensity to your display, this is a must 
have sequence. From legendary DJ and music producer David
Guetta, with mesmerizing vocals from Sia, this song has
been viewed on YouTube over 86 million times.
Let your viewers experience what one of these shows would
feel like while standing in front of your display.
You receive a version of this sequence for both Halloween
and Christmas layouts with this purchase. If you've already
purchased the Halloween version previously, you can go to your
download link and download the files again and this version
will be included in that download.

The sequence includes the following models:

32x75 Megatree, 16x50 Megatree, Megatree Stars, Mini Trees,
Mini Tree Stars, Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches,
Medium Arches, Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements,
Yard Outline, PPD Geowreath, Boscoyo Ice Queens,
EFL Showstopper Flakes, EFL Showstopper Spinners,
EFL NSR Candy Canes, GE Baby Grand Illusions, 24" snowflakes,
GE Rosa Wreaths, Pixel Poles, Peace Stakes, Flood Lights,
Candy Canes, Singing Elements with 2 Lyric Timings and
there's no way this song could be complete without
Moving Head Spotlights included.

*Note that you will have to modify the original version
of this song by using Audacity to generate a 3 second
silence at the beginning of the song to allow moving heads
to home properly.
This needs done even if you aren't using
the moving head version.
Full detailed instructions on
how to do this are included in the zip file.
Or email proof of purchase of this MP3 to
and we will email you an edited version of the MP3.

The MP3 is not included with this song but can be purchased