Thriller - Michael Jackson AtmosFX Version

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The most iconic Halloween song performed by the most iconic performer in history.

Your viewers will be "thrilled" by every beat of the song and entranced when the song climaxes and the undead begin dancing across your matrix or projector.  Be sure to watch this sequence to the very end!   


This sequence includes the following models:

     MP4 is included in this sequence.  That's right, no hunting for the video file, then editing it and trying to make it fit your display.  This sequence has it packaged right in with it.
GE and Boscoyo Spiders, Matrix, HD Matrix (projector or P5 matrix), Triple Arches, Small Arches, Medium Arches, Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline, Peace Stakes, RIP Stones, Crosses, Pixel Poles, Fan Arches, Rosa Wreaths and Singing Elements with 4 Lyric Timings
The MP3 is not included with this song but can be purchased HERE