Secret - Pretty Little Liars - Terabrite

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Ok so this is a somewhat disturbing little sequence 
from an even more disturbing teen soap that had a
huge following a few years back. It will definitely
take your female viewers back in time while adding
that creep factor to your show. You know we don't
like to do the “usual” songs for our customers.
This one only shows we will keep trying different
things to keep your entire audience wondering what
might play next.

The sequence includes the following models:

GE and Boscoyo Spiders, Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches,
Medium Arches, Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements,
Yard Outline, RIP Stones, Crosses, Pixel Poles, Fan Arches,
Flood Lights, Rosa Wreaths, Moving Head Spotlights and
Singing Elements with 2 Lyric Timings

NOTE: The MP3 for this song will need to be modified for
the correct length of time. Detailed instructions on how to
modify this song with Audacity are included in the files.

The MP3 is not included with this song but can be purchased