Dead Silence - Remix

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Are you ready to experience the electrifying beats 
and spine-chilling melodies of the ultimate EDM remix?
This is a thrilling new sequence that reimagines
the haunting theme song from the movie Dead Silence,
now with a heart-pounding EDM twist!

The sequence includes the following models:
GE and Boscoyo Spiders, Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches,
Medium Arches, Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements,
Yard Outline, RIP Stones, Crosses, Pixel Poles, Fan Arches,
Flood Lights, Peace Stakes, Showstopper Spinners,
GE Baby Grand Illusions, GE Rosa Wreaths, Mega Tree,
Moving Head Spot Lights sequenced at the individual moving
head level
and Singing Elements with 5 Lyric Timings.

The MP3 is included with this sequence in the zip folder.