Cry Little Sister vs Hello Zepp

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Don't miss out on this epic Halloween sequence.

If you liked our "You'll Float Too" sequence,
this one is going to really get you excited.
Over 70 hours of very intense scrutiny went into
creating this masterpiece that will have your
audience in a trance. You don't get anymore
Halloween than this.

The sequence includes the following models:

GE and Boscoyo Spiders, Matrix, Triple Arches,
Small Arches, Medium Arches, Vertical Elements,
Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline, RIP Stones,
Crosses, Pixel Poles, Fan Arches, GE Rosa Wreaths,
Showstopper Snowflakes, Peace Stakes, GE Baby
Grand Illusions, Megatree, 4 Moving Head Spot Lights
and Singing Elements with 4 Lyric Timings

The MP3 is not included with this song but can be
downloaded for free HERE
(you will have to create a free account if you
don't already have one)