A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman

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Have you ever had a dream?  Big dreams?  There's nothing more inspiring than 
not only having a dream, but making that dream come true.
The Greatest Showman is a very inspiring movie and can push people to reach
for their stars. This sequence reminds us of those possibilities.
Your viewers will be moved by the time they are done watching this. The sequence includes the following models: 32x75 Megatree, 16x50 Megatree, Megatree Stars, Mini Trees, Mini Tree Stars,
Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches, Medium Arches, Vertical Elements,
Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline, PPD Geowreath, Boscoyo Ice Queens,
24" snowflakes, GE Rosa Wreaths, Pixel Poles, Candy Canes and
1 Singing Element with Lyric Timings Also includes sequencing for 4 moving head spotlights if you purchase that version
of this sequence. The MP3 is a customized version of the song in this link below. You must go and
download this song by creating a free account and following prompts to
download (free) and then email us in order for us to send you a time edited version
of the song. This supports the great work this artist does.
Song Link Here