Poor Unfortunately Souls - Punk Rock Factory JL

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Dive into the depths of darkness this Halloween with 
our spine-chilling Xlights sequence set to the haunting
melody of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" by Punk Rock Factory!
Experience the magic of Disney's villainous masterpiece
like never before as our meticulously crafted effects
capture the essence of malevolence and mischief.
From eerie blues to ominous purples, every hue dances in
perfect harmony with the song's punk rock twist, creating
an electrifying ambiance that will mesmerize and thrill.

Sequenced by Justin Lenhard
This sequence includes the following models:

GE and Boscoyo Spiders, Matrix, Triple Arches,
Small Arches, Medium Arches, Vertical Elements,
Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline, RIP Stones, Crosses,
Pixel Poles, Fan Arches,Flood Lights, Peace Stakes,
Showstopper Spinners, GE Baby Grand Illusions,
GE Rosa Wreaths, Mega Tree, Moving Head Spot Lights and
Singing Elements with 2 Lyric Timings.

The MP3 is not included with this song but can be purchased