Classic Christmas Song Medley - Voctave Remix

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Three classic Christmas songs in one amazing medley. 
No other sequence will have your entire audience singing along like
this sequence will, with 3 of the most popular Christmas songs of all time.
The original song by the group Voctave has been modified to include
background music to add another dimension to this already great medley.

The sequence includes the following models:

32x75 Megatree, 16x50 Megatree, Megatree Stars, Mini Trees,
Mini Tree Stars, Matrix, Triple Arches, Small Arches, Medium Arches,
Vertical Elements, Horizontal Elements, Yard Outline, PPD Geowreath,
Boscoyo Ice Queens, EFL Showstopper Flakes,
EFL Showstopper Spinners, EFL NSR Candy Canes,
GE Baby Grand Illusions, 24" snowflakes, GE Rosa Wreaths, Pixel Poles,
Peace Stakes, Flood Lights, Candy Canes, Singing Elements with
4 Lyric Timings and Moving Head Spotlights.

The song for this sequence is a modified version of the song
“Childhood Favorites” by Voctave.  You must purchase the MP3 for this song 
and email us proof of purchase of the MP3 so we can send you a copy of the
modified song. The original song you need to purchase can be found HERE
or HERE if you cannot purchase via Amazon.

Be sure to select the “Childhood Favorites” song. There's no need to purchase
the entire album, just choose and purchase the single MP3.